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August 2015


blog post #3

There are few things that excite me more than an orderly life. And I realize how insanely boring that makes me sound, but it’s true and utterly inescapable, really. I blame it all on my Grandmother, who, when I was very young, showed me the wonder of an overly-organized spice rack, and the rest was history. So now in my adult life, my perfectly manicured linen closet (organized by size, shape and color, of course) as well as the multitude of baskets for sorting my kids’ toys, sings those same praises. Even if the toys only stay put away for 10 minutes, in that fraction of an hour, all was right in the world. (Damned, legos. Who needs 900 pieces anyway?)

And as if that weren’t enough, I actually fantasize about applying those same obsessive methods for organization to real life. For example, since most days are spent writing, my love affair with Edit:Undo has reached epic proportions. It does my Type-A self good as I go through the lovely little sequence of restoring order. But what if we could use the same method for remediation for life’s mishaps? Forgot your computer at home for an important meeting? Edit:Undo. Left the kid’s lunches on the counter when leaving for school? Edit:Undo. Stepped on the 14th lego of the day? Edit:Undo!

And in this day and age with 3D printing and companies shipping via drones, it seems that at the very least, there should be an app for that, no? In the meantime I’m not saying that being over-the-top, fastidiously organized is the best way to be, but I kind of am. Whoops….Edit:Undo.

It’s really funny, actually… (right?)

blog post #1,jpgEver heard the saying that if you can’t find the humor in life and its inevitable and otherwise host of unsavory situations, then you’ll pretty much be miserable for the whole duration of it? Yep, well that’s kind of how this blog got its start. As a mom of two under 4, a wife, a daughter, and a social media strategist and content writer for several companies and start-ups in the Bay Area, my life doesn’t contain much down time. And I’m not playing the woe-is-me card AT ALL, it just goes with the territory (a territory that I happen to love, btw), but one in which can be pretty difficult to navigate some days. My life literally always has tabs.

Take right now for instance, open right now on my computer I have (not in order of importance, of course): ‘The 10 best spaghetti squash recipes’; ‘Take action, save the bees petition’; A Special new baby food purée ice cube trays; A pair of Vintage Collection Nikes I’m coveting (I need to run more); Dropbox; Facebook (of course for both me and my clients’ pages); ‘Are BPA-free cans healthy?’ article; An MS Word Doc; ‘6 stretches for a sore neck and back’; 3 Excel Spreadsheets; A new skincare line I know I need, but have been putting off; Huffington Post; Activities for 4 year-olds; Pinterest; Clients’ webpages I’m editing; WordPress; And another damn article about one of the Kardashians (Why do I even care?). And it’s only 9:30. AM. Whoa.

But again, if you can’t find humor in the fact that I’ve set up my day (and expectations) to make a spaghetti squash in my brand-new nikes, just having washed my face with my fab new skincare regimen while checking the current news, editing work for my clients, saving bees from extinction, writing content with my right hand whilst gluing a popsicle stick for an arts n’ crafts project for my 4-year old with my left and whipping up a batch of baby food purées in those new designer trays I bought, then I’m in the wrong job. Because that’s life, or that’s my life at least, and as much I do enjoy downtime without the stress of multi-tasking, let’s face it: that comes once in a blue moon. Whoops, just remembered I forgot to do my neck + back stretches… I guess that one will have to wait til’ I have at least 1 free hand. The next blue moon perhaps?

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